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Attached is the link to my rough draft video. I am double dipping and looking ahead to an assignment about emerging tools next week for my Online Pedagogy class. We have to explore different emerging tools to incorporate into our unit. My unit is based around an ecosystem lesson where students will build a diorama of an ecosystem of their favorite animals including biotic and abiotic factors. I’ve built a Google Classroom that has six weeks dedicated to this mini unit. I thought it would be fun to make a cartoon introduction using Biteable, a site that I’d never heard of before now. I look forward to polishing up this video and making one for each week of the unit.

Here is the link to my rough draft:

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  1. Morgan, the embed on the page doesn’t work for me, but the direct link did. Always a good idea to include both, for this reason! I think this video is a good start. How long did it take you to make? Did you feel like you had enough control over the creation process or were you forced to make certain decisions that you weren’t thrilled about?

    One thing that I think could make this even stronger is narration. Does Biteable let you do that?

  2. I know I responded and asked a similar question in the next post about inserting narration. I was intrigued by Biteable so I was playing around with it on my own. I found the only way to add narration was to prerecord it and add it as the audio. If anyone else can find an easy way, please share. I think this would be fun in some of our kinder lessons.

    1. This was the only way I knew how to include it as well. It is similar to Movie Maker (or in my experience) where you had to insert pre-recorded audio when editing. I’m glad you checked it out!

  3. Morgan, thanks again for introducing us to Biteable. Do you know if it can be downloaded and played without access to the web? so many of our students were challenged with access to the internet as a result of covid so I was curious as to whether or not this could be a stand-alone lesson? Thanks!

    1. Yes, it can be downloaded! I had to download the video on to my computer before uploading it to YouTube. I imagine that it could be sent out as an attachment in an email or through a jumpdrive so students could have access to it without internet. That was a great question, thank you!

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