Finalize Blog & Updated PLN

This course is usually taken at the beginning of someone’s ONID journey. This is officially the last “ONID” class I will take (as I am taking an elective next semester); yet, I still learned a lot. I had covered PLNs in Online Pedagogy and Instructional Design. I had already created a website and navigated through categories and tags. This class helped me give new perspective on the things that I thought I knew.

Finalize Blog

As mentioned previously, I had a blog prior to onidmorgan. It was called iamnotapolyglot. Part of me was happy to get rid of the old URL as I felt the domain name was confusing and appealing only to me. Other part of me was sad because I realized down the road that you could change the URL and I wouldn’t have to lose two years of ONID work. All that being said, I learned a lot from my old blog and applied that knowledge to this blog. I played around with different themes to suit what I felt would showcase my work best. I learned how to make a landing page, so that the feed wasn’t cluttered with my recent posts from the classes I am taking simultaneously. I created a menu with three categories. The categories being: Online Pedagogy, Web 2.0 Fundamentals, & Previous Courses. I was really pleased with learning how to make the category of Previous Categories into smaller sections that would fit each of the courses I had taken previously. When I get a chance to upload older work over Christmas break, that is where I will add them. This will help make a complete portfolio of my time in the ONID program. The most recent thing that I have learned when tidying up my wordpress site is how to create a favicon. It helps my website to stand apart if I open multiple tabs and really ties in the theme of yellow and sunflowers that my theme is presenting. The next thing I will work on for the website is uploading a lot of old content from my graduate studies. This addition will help to make the blog feel more complete. I am also planning on creating menus that are specific to homeschool and educational technology that might not fit into the homeschool category such as virtual reality.

Overall, I see a better future with this blog than I did previously. I see it helping professionally in so many ways. I have always been interested in different types of educational technology or tools that can aide in learning. I would love to incorporate tools that I find, that my peers recommend, or that families in the homeschool program are using in their curriculum. It would be a good landing spot to incorporate all of those worlds into one place. As someone who sees their future being more in the technology side of education, this is a great place to display work for a portfolio for future employers.

Updated PLN

On our previous PLN assignment, I uploaded a similar to PLN to the one that was in our readings for the week.

It looked like this:

In my Media Creation post, I experimented with a website called Biteable. It was a very similar program to Adobe Spark, but I seemed to like it better that Adobe. When Catherine created something with Adobe Spark, it made me question if I did like Biteable more than Adobe Spark. What better way to experiment than to go back to Adobe Spark. I created my updated PLN using the platform. What I liked best about Biteable is that it had the templates already made up for you. In Adobe Spark, in order to get the creative slides that I aim for, I usually make it in Canva and then upload it to Adobe Spark, which is an extra step. My final conclusion is that for the ease of making short videos – Biteable is the winner. Adobe Spark is nicer when it comes to editing and putting in music though, so it is my favorite platform of the two overall.

Updated PLN video:

There are several updated to my PLN


In the Connect section of my PLN, I have started to utilize social media more in this area. Specifically Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook groups. I started following homeschool accounts on Instagram to share curriculum, tools, resources, or activities that families can do with their students. There are also several teacher accounts that I follow on that platform some of them include:





Facebook groups that I have recently discovered and joined are focused around homeschool locally and statewide. My favorite one to refer to is “Support for the Sudden Homeschooler”. It was created by homeschoolers to help those who were at home learning vitually with scheduling tricks and tips on how to get through the day with kids at home.

Twitter is someplace where I am still navigating to find resources. I have been following the #edtech hashtag and have been keeping up with suggestions from this class and other for people to follow.


In the Collect portion, I have grown to adding my collection digitally. In this course, we did not use Raindrop, but I did experiment with it and found that I really liked it. It reminded me of Diigo that I often used in my undergraduate studies. I liked Raindrop better than Diigo, and I think that if I were to download the extension that I would use it more often. I liked the way the tagging system works. Another collection method that I have been using is Google Drive. I have been saving materials on Google documents, spreadsheets, and even Google Classroom to refer back to one day.


In the Share section, I am looking forward to my growth in this area. I realized that much like my website, I’d like to start fresh with my Twitter account and use it to share findings and readings. Much like my peers, I felt like Twitter could be very noisy, but knowing that you can limit your audience to be specific to your interests such as educational technology, I would love to build a platform on that site. I like the idea of blogging / microblogging. I also think that I will have more time to explore blogging / microblogging as I am finishing up the ONID program. Sharing is an aspect becoming more important to me, because I am recognizing the value of feedback. If some teachers really love a method / tool, then it would be great to hear their experiences, or vice versa. I’m looking forward to growing more in the share section.


In the Reflect category, I look forward to utilizing my blog more for reflection purposes. I also value the reflection in the quiet time of the days such as when getting ready or winding down for the day. My biggest reflection will always be by talking it out with people, specifically friends and family.

Final Thoughts:

I see a significant amount of growth in my website / PLN / knowledge throughout the semester. I can’t wait to apply this tools to future classes, homeschool advising, and whatever else the future holds. I am looking forward to being more active in the world of education, so that I can better my craft as an educator.

Thanks for everything!


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  1. Morgan, nice comparison and I appreciate seeing the change over the semester, particularly in relation to your blog resurrection. Glad that you found value both on the technical side and on the creative side.

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